Fossilised Reptilian Rib Bone


A well preserved reptilian rib bone, found in Peterborough, England. The item is around 160 million years old. The fossil displays a slightly curved cylindrical bone, now weathered with age.

Date: 160 million years ago
Period: Late Jurassic
Provenance: From a Surrey gentleman's collection (DG), purchased on the London Art Market from an ADA member, formed 1990's onward.
Condition: Fine condition, repair to a break across the centre.

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This fossil was found in Oxford Clay, which is a Jurassic marine sedimentary rock formation – spanning as far south as Dorset, and as far north as Yorkshire. Oxford Clay ranges from the Callovian Era to the Oxfordian Era, hence we can gauge that this bone is around 160 million years ago.

Interestingly, today Oxford Clay is often used for road construction and brick making and is the source of the very popular Fletton Bricks. Oxford Clay is very advantageous for brick making, its carbon content produces fuel when firing it, meaning less external fuel is required in the brick making process.

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